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Szent István Korona Irsai Olivér – Thick Grape Soup

•1 kg grape
•4 spoons of sugar
•2 dl Szent István Korona Irsai Olivér dry white wine
•2 spoons of flour
•10 dkg soft cream cheese
•2 dl double cream
•a handful of almonds
•5-6 grapes

Pick the grapes off the cluster, blend, sieve and add the wine. In a pot, heat 2 spoons of sugar until it is caramelized, but from time to time, add a bit of the wine-grape mixture prepared before. When the sugar is caramelized and gets a nice brown colour, add the rest of the wine-grape mixture. In the meantime mix the double cream with the flour until smooth, and add the soft cream cheese.
When the grape juice comes to a boil, lower the heat, and take out a bit of the grape mixture and add it to the cream mixture while continuously stirring, so that the heat would not ruin the cream. The temperatures must be balanced first. When the cream mixture warms up, it can be added to the grape juice in the pot. Keep stirring until it comes to a boil again. When it’s done, let it cool down. Serve with toasted almonds, and pitted grapes sliced in half scattered on top. Well accompanied by a glass of Szent István Korona Irsai Olivér.

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