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Szent István Korona Cabernet sauvignon
Shin of Beef Prepared with Red Wine (in ceramic casserole dish)

•4 shin of beef chops
•0.5 kg mushroom
•3-4 peppers
•3-4 tomatoes
•1.5 head of garlic
•2 middle-sized onions
•1 dl Szent István Korona Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine
•10 dkg butter
•1-2 bay leaves
•black pepper

You’ll need 4 nice, shin of beef chops, an inch thick each, with the bone left in the middle (a saw is needed!), so ask your local butcher to perform the chopping. If he’s not willing, switch butchers!
 After cleaning the chops, fry them on both sides in heated butter.
In the meantime, wash and chop the vegetables, slice the onion, and put them all into a ceramic casserole dish together with the meat. One of the garlic heads must be cut in half, but don’t peel it, just put it in the dish as it is.

Add the wine, salt, black pepper and herbs. I usually put aside some of the thyme, rosemary and peeled and crushed garlic, because if you add these after 1.5 hours of cooking, the result will be a much aromatic dish.

It is important to put the casserole dish into a cold oven! Put the lid on, and start cooking for 2-2.5 hours at 180 °C. It can be served with potato mash on the side, but it’s great on its own as well, if there’s such a great wine to accompany it as Szent István Korona Cabernet Sauvignon!

Click here for the video.

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